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Film & Television Catering

Film & Television Catering


With Atlanta as the new hub of the film industry, Showtime is ready to support your efforts to capture the magic. Showtime will work with your production team to create satisfying menus that fit your budget. And when production schedules change, Showtime is with you to offer solutions. All of this service while crafting great tasting meals that keep the crew satisfied and focused.

Our Packages

  • All Packages
    Ice, Drinkware, Beverage Napkins, Garnishes, Non-alcoholic Mixers, Bar Rentals and Coolers
    All packages include
  • Beer and Wine Package
    Your Choice of 6 wine options and 6 beer options
    Beer and Wine Package
  • Deluxe Package
    Full Bar Deluxe Level Spirits 2 Beer options and 2 Wine Options
    Deluxe Package
  • Premium Package
    Full Bar Premium Level Spirits 4 Beer options and 4 Wine Options
    Premium Package
  • Super Premium Package
    Full Bar Top Shelf Level Spirits 6 Beer options and 6 Wine Options
    Super Premium Package
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